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Spring has officially sprung and there is no better time to organize and declutter your home! Here are our tips to organize every space in your condo with stylish storage solutions!


Food storage. Food ingredients in glass jars, on white background.It’s time to empty out those kitchen cabinets and toss the expired goodies that have been hiding at the back for months. Canisters are a great way to properly store cereals, grains, spices and more. They are even stylish enough to double as an accent piece on your kitchen counter!

Living Room

Paradigm Stylish Storage Living RoomThe pile of cozy cushions and throws that warmed you up through the Winter months can officially retire until the dreaded cold weather returns. Lack of closet space? No problem! An ottoman with hidden storage is the perfect solution to hide them away and doubles as additional seating for your summer entertaining.


New design light bedroom with large bed, window and side tableDitch the headboard and opt for a stylish and functional option for your bedroom focal wall. Shelving above the bed is the perfect way to store and organize books and storage boxes. Add in some personal touches like picture frames and décor objects and you have a unique backdrop for your sleeping quarters.


Wicker Basket with Folded Towels Isolated on White Background.Never underestimate the power of a basket! Storage baskets are a great way to display towels, magazines or toilet paper for easy access in your bathroom. They can also be used to organize your vanity cabinet with cleaning products, toiletries, hair tools and makeup.


Paradigm Stylish Storage ClosetIt’s time to say goodbye to a messy closet! Adding closet storage solutions is a great way to maximize space and keep everything in its proper place. Add a bookshelf with storage baskets to organize your smaller items and double up on rods to ensure you don’t lose any hanging space.


Paradigm Stylish Storage LockerWinter jackets, boots, hats and gloves can officially be packed away during the warmer months. These bulky items require ample storage space. This a perfect opportunity to make use of your storage locker. Make the best use of the additional storage space with large plastic containers and crates. Take your organization skills up a notch by colour coding your storage containers.

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With summer winding down it will soon be time to pack up your summer wardrobe and bedding so you can change over to your cozy fall and winter options. However, if you don’t have a lot of storage room in your condo, that can be a daunting task.

Have a look at these five condo storage solutions and start planning where you will stash the items you don’t need for the next few months.

Under Bed Storage Containers

Condo Storage Options Under Bed Storage

If your bed has space under it, this is a great place for storage. This often overlooked space is perfect for low-profile storage containers that can hold clothes, bedding, and more.

There are many container options available, so you’re not limited to clear plastic if you want something more stylish.

Vacuum Bags

Condo Storage Options Vaccuum Bags

These bags are a fantastic solution for storing clothes in the off-season. By packing items in and sucking the air out, you are creating a small, compact package that you can store in a closet, under your bed, or in a storage locker.

Use multiple vacuum bags to sort your stored clothing so that you can easily unpack them in the spring.

Containers for the Closet

Condo Storage Options Closet Containers

If you have room in your bedroom closet or another closet in your condo, you can take advantage of stackable storage containers to keep your out-of-season pieces tucked away until you need them again.

Tip: In this case, clear containers might be best, so you can see easily locate your items if needed.

Storage Benches

Condo Storage Options Hollow Bench

We’ve talked about benches and stools before as storage options, and this is another opportunity to use them. If you have blankets in the living room that you don’t need in the summer, you can store them in a bench.

And if you have room for a bench or stool in the bedroom you can also take advantage of a bench to store smaller pieces that you want to keep out of sight until needed.

Storage Locker

Condo Storage Options Storage Locker

Don’t forget about your storage locker. If your condo comes with a storage unit, take advantage of that space. This is an example that lends itself well to sturdy plastic containers that you can pack full of out of season items and stack as high as your space will allow.

Tip: Keep a list of what is in your storage locker so you can easily and quickly identify items that you already own rather than forgetting and buying a second version of something you already have.