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Displaying photos and art on the walls of your home is a great way to incorporate your personal style and showcase your favourite memories and collected pieces, but you don’t have to follow traditional rules when it comes to hanging.

Today we look at some creative grouping options to consider when hanging your frames that can create a more artistic look, and inject a bit of personality into your condo.

1. Single Frame Focal Point

Photo Hanging Design Tips Large Frame

The most standard option is the single frame hanging as a focal point. Bonus design points for installing a light above the piece, for emphasis.

This example doesn’t show a frame, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use one in this format. Pick a frame that fits not just your art, but your space.

2. Grid Design

Photo Hanging Design Tips Grid

The grid design works in a single row, or multiple rows. This example shows four equally sized frames spaced alike and hung level on the wall. An alternate option could see two or three rows of smaller frames, for a multi-level grid.

For an interesting spin on this design choice, slice one large photo into equal pieces and hang them in the smaller frames.

3. Asymetrical Collage

Photo Hanging Design Tips Asymetrical Collage

This collage design is a little less balanced and a little more unexpected. Choose different sized and coloured frames or, for a more cohesive grouping, pair different sized frames of the same, or similar colour.

Focus on finding frames that you love and play with your layout on the floor until you find one that you love.

4. Stacked Cluster

Photo Hanging Design Tips Stacked Cluster

Like the Asymmetrical Collage, the Stacked Cluster gives you the opportunity to mix and match frame sizes to showcase the art and photos you love, without taking up a large amount of wall space. To achieve the stacked option, select similar frames with flat edges that can be aligned directly against each other.

This option is great for smaller rooms with little wall space.

5. Get Creative

Photo Hanging Design Tips Get Creative

For a completely outside the box grouping, create your own frames from other materials, such as reclaimed wood or metal. Just be sure to measure and fit your frame to the standard print sizes of your photos.

Big or small, you can show off your DIY skills and impress your guests!

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and should be a place of comfort you can live in, not just sleep in. Give your room a boost with these simple design ideas anyone can implement. Whether you choose a brilliant light fixture, a new bedspread or a vintage dresser is up to you!

Create Drama with Lighting

Bedroom Design Tip Light Fixture HGTVA gorgeous overhead light fixture can create a focal point and transform the overall look of your bedroom with just one change. Choose a fixture that fits your personality and personal style, as well as the accent pieces in your room.

As an added bonus, you can brighten your room and make it more comfortable for reading, lounging and enjoying the space.

Be Bold with Bedding

A bold print on your bedspread can give your room a splash of colour and design without making big changes to paint colours or flooring options. It is also an interchangeable design piece that you can alternate with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes.

Tip: Look for colours and patterns that match or pair with other design elements in your bedroom to tie your entire design together.

Add a Chair for Function & Flair

Bedroom Design Tip Chair for FlairYour bedroom should be a place of relaxation and style. And while your bed should always be comfortable, a great chair in the corner gives your bedroom a more functional living space with some character.

While a classic vintage wooden chair may look great, we recommend an upholstered chair with a statement pattern or colour that contributes to the design or theme you are trying to achieve.

Light it up with Lamps

A dimly lit room is nobody’s friend. Find great lamps for your bedside tables, dresser, or desk to brighten the room and add a little flair. Find vase shaped pieces for an elegant look, or choose bold patterns on lampshades to show off more vibrant personality and style.

Like your bedspread, lamps and shades are a great opportunity to bring together your room with colour and pattern pairing.

Vintage Furniture Focal Point

Bedroom Design Tip Vintage Furniture HGTVVintage furniture is a fantastic addition to your bedroom. Whether you find a side table or dresser, you can create a unique and visually appealing focal point for the room. Leave it as is, or refurbish it with a new paint job, whichever best suits your personal style.

Keep your eyes peeled at antique shops, yard sales, and estate sales. You never know when the perfect piece for your room will be right in front of you.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it makes sense that you’d want it to be stylish and reflective of your personal style. Today we’re happy to share 5 simple tips that you can use to give a creative boost to your kitchen without a lot of time, or money.

If you’re feeling like your kitchen is a little bland, these tips might just be perfect for you.

1. Add a Pattern

photo via
photo via

Bring some life to your kitchen with a patterned floor mat or curtains. Without overpowering the room, you’ll have injected character, vibrancy and a sense of unique style that sets your kitchen apart.

2. Hide Extra Storage

We all know there never seems to be enough storage in the kitchen, no matter how big it is. Give yourself some extra space by using a stylish bench with a flip-up seat. Store seldom used dishes and small appliances like your fondue pots, serving platters, and punch bowl without robbing yourself of storage space used for everyday items. Choose a coloured piece to add some flair to your kitchen.

3. Make Storage Look Good

photo via Better Homes & Gardens
photo via Better Homes & Gardens

Instead of hiding all of your fancy dishes and canisters away in a cupboard, put them on display with open concept storage like this metal shelf rack or a repurposed book shelf. You’ll be making the best use of your wall space and saving that valuable cupboard space.

4. Show off Your Accessories

Dish towels, toasters, coffee makers and other visible items may sometimes be after-thoughts. But if you take the time to purchase pieces that complement your design scheme and are pleasant to look at, you’ll find yourself with a more beautiful kitchen without heavy design effort.

5. Add a Splash of Colour with Your Furniture

Kitchen Design Tips Red Breakfast Chairs ExpressFurniture
photo via

If you have the space and inclination to include a breakfast table in your kitchen, you have the opportunity to add a splash of colour with chairs like the ones pictured here. Whether you choose red or your own favourite colour is up to you. Either way you’ve once again added to the vibrancy of your kitchen without paint or extensive renovations.

If you have any great tips for kitchen design leave them in a comment on this post so everyone else can give them a try. And come back soon for more condo design tips from Paradigm.

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A well-organized condo can reduce stress, help you keep your life in order, and is easy to tidy when guests are on their way over.

Use these tips to organize your condo, and feel free to share any tips you may have in the comment section below!

Kitchen Rack Shelf

1. Extra Kitchen Storage!

Use an open faced shelving unit in your kitchen for extra storage and organization.

Don’t cram things into the cupboards just so they’re off the counter, instead add a shelving unit, or bookshelf, to store and display small appliances, dishware, and non-perishable ingredients like oils and vinegars.

2. Take Advantage of the Closet!

Using shoe racks, boxes on the top shelf, and proper hangers will allow you to fit more clothing and accessories in your closet.

That means you can use smaller dressers and don’t have to worry about the unsightly mess of clothes strewn about the bedroom!

Stackable Wicker Baskets3. Give Stackable Baskets a Chance!

Long gone are the days when clear plastic bins were the only option for stackable storage. Find yourself a set of wicker or wooden baskets that you can fill with whatever you need to organize (books, magazines, dvds, clothes, etc.)

4. Skirt the Table!

By skirting a table you can give yourself extra shelf space (hidden from view) for anything from board games to books.

A table skirt is also an easily updateable piece of decor, so if you want to change the look of your room, you can!

Ottoman Storage5. Find Benches and Ottomans!

You can find all kinds of stylish benches and ottomans with removable or hinged lids that make perfect small storage spaces.

In the front hallway a bench can store umbrellas as well as hats and mittens in the winter. While an ottoman in the living room is the perfect hideaway for board games, video game controllers and more.

Bonus: Keep Track of Your Things

Some people use spring cleaning as a catalyst for selling, donating, or throwing away old and unwanted things. But the truth of the matter is we could all stand to take stock of what we have and how much space it’s taking up a little more often.

Try to go through your condo twice a year and make some hard decisions about what needs to stay and what can go. You’ll be amazed at how much more organized you are when there’s less clutter.