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The Paradigm Décor Centre will be opening its doors in the upcoming weeks. The Design Team has established five contemporary colour palettes – Bianco, Ash, Taupe, Charcoal & Espresso. Below is the 101 to help in the selection process!

Paradigm Condos Decor Colour Palettes 101 BIANCO1) BIANCO

Fresh, bright, and airy, the bianco colour palette is classic, simplistic and timeless. The cool undertone of the palette provides the condo space to feel lavish and open. Colour can be easily added in and changed in the palette through small appliances, plants and décor items.


Paradigm Condos Decor Colour Palettes 101 ASH2) ASH

All of the charm of classic white united with contemporary warm grays formulates the ash colour palette. The warm french inspired hue pairs great with earthy wood tones and natural elements. Your condo space will exude an air of refined elegance.


Paradigm Condos Decor Colour Palettes 101 TAUPE


With a luxury hotel appeal, the taupe colour palette is timeless and sophisticated. The natural undertone of taupe provides warmth to a condo space and can be paired with any accent colour.


Paradigm Condos Decor Colour Palettes 101 CHARCOAL4) CHARCOAL

The charcoal palette offers modern elegance and urban poise. If it’s a touch of drama you desire, pair the darker palette with bright white and light grey accents for a chic achromatic allure.


Paradigm Condos Decor Colour Palettes 101 ESPRESSO5) ESPRESSO

A modern update to the traditional palette, espresso offers warmth and earthiness to a condo space. This sophisticated palette pairs perfectly with natural tone elements and green foliage.

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Nice weather is upon us and with it arrives patio season. Every unit at Paradigm has its very own balcony, perfect for outdoor patio living. To maximize your small outdoor space we have compiled a list of our favourite furnishings and accents.

Paradigm Outdoor Living Rug1) FROM THE GROUND UP

Set the tone of your condo outdoor space from the ground up by adding an outdoor rug. With countless options to choose from, go bright & bold or earthy & subtle. It enhances the overall space while giving it a cozy living room feel.

Paradigm Condos Outdoor Lighting Candle Lanterns2) ALL ABOUT THE AMBIANCE

Enhance your condo’s outdoor space with ambient lighting. A few outdoor lanterns with flameless candles act as a great decorative piece while providing extra lighting. Great to set the mood for a romantic dinner or to set the tone for cocktails outdoors with friends.

Paradigm Condos Outdoor Patio3) MULTI-PURPOSE GARDEN STOOL

Add a pop of colour to your condo balcony with a decorative garden stool. These small accent pieces are a great multi-purpose item. It can be used as a side table to rest your drink or as an extra place to sit when entertaining.

Paradigm Condos Outdoor Dining4) DINING ALFRESCO

If you love the intimacy of dining alfresco, make an outdoor dining set a key item when planning out your outdoor living space. A small set with sleek and minimal design is the perfect option for your condo balcony. A small arrangement of succulents act as the perfect centre piece that will last the whole season!

Paradigm Condos Outdoor Lounge5) FOR THE LOVE OF LOUNGING

The perfect spot to unwind after a long day’s work is on your condo balcony taking in the views and watching the sunset. An outdoor sofa or day bed is a great addition for entertaining or relaxing on your own. Add a few accent cushions, potted plants and a small table and you are set to lounge all season long!

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Spring has officially sprung and with it arrives the blossoming of a beautiful array of colours. There are countless ways to reflect the vibrancy of the season when decorating your new condo. We have compiled a list of our favourite colours inspired by the vibrant palette of Spring in Burlington.


Paradigm Condo Living Decorating with Colour Breezy BlueInspired by the serene & energizing hue where water meets sky at the Burlington waterfront. Adding a pop of blue through small furnishings, like an accent chair or ottoman, immediately brings a feeling of energy to a small condo space.

Tip: Choose a vibrant shade of blue for a dramatic & energizing pop. If its serenity & calmness you desire, select a muted shade of the same hue.


Paradigm Condo Living Decorating with Colour Youthful YellowThis warm & happy shade gives a cheerful punch of colour to any condo space. Inspired by the bountiful yellow tulips at Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens, this vibrant hue is symbolic to the season. Add a few pops through small accent pieces in an otherwise neutral palette –a little goes a long way!

Tip: Add instant freshness to a space with a display of lemons in a glass bowl or fresh cut yellow tulips in a simple vase.


Paradigm Condo Living Decorating with Colour Garden GreenBring nature indoors with garden greens inspired by the many parks, trails and escarpment views Burlington has to offer. This colour provides a condo space with a feeling of harmony & tranquility. Add a few green accessories and foliage to a room and you immediately give it natural and earthy enchantment.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to layer different shades of the hue throughout your condo space to add dimension and interest.


Paradigm Condo Living Decorating with Colour Playful PinkFor an unexpected & playful addition to any condo space, think pink. Inspired by the iconic cherry blossom trees at Spencer Smith Park, this colour provides a whimsical and exciting allure. This colour works great as a statement piece, like a love seat or accent chair. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Tip: Pair this vibrant hue with playful patterns and textures for a fun retro feel.

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You’ve moved into your new condo, your furniture is assembled, you’ve added some decorative items but your condo walls are still in need of some TLC. Below are four easy ways to create interest and add character to a small space with the “Art of Focal Walls”.

The Art of Focal Walls Colour PopCOLOUR POP

Add a pop of colour to your condo walls and engage the eye with a painted focal wall. Warm colours pull the eye towards the wall, creating an intimate and cozy space. Cool colours push the walls away from the eye, making a smaller room appear larger and longer.

Tip: Coordinate with small accent pieces in the same hue throughout the space to create unity.

The Art of Focal Walls WallpaperPAPER MATE

Introduce pattern and texture to a space with wallpaper. Options are endless – minimalistic and sleek or bold and geometric. Whichever direction you choose, this addition is sure to engage the eye and add character to your condo design.

Tip: To finish the look, replicate pattern, texture and shapes from the wallpaper in fabric and soft furnishings throughout the space.

Modern-Bookcase-Furniture-Photo-motiqonlineOUT ON DISPLAY

Bookcases are a great storage solution and an eye catching way to display accent pieces, art work and keepsakes in your condo. Place bookcases side by side to fill the length of a wall or place on either side of your television for enhanced visual appeal.

Tip: When placing items on your bookcase, organize vignettes of coordinating pieces and stagger heights and sizes.

The Art of Focal Walls Personalized GalleryPERSONALIZED GALLERY

Collect old travel photographs or vibrant art prints and create a gallery vignette to bring life to once blank condo walls. Whether it be an entry hall, a dining area, a bedroom or the living room – this technique is a simple way to create a statement focal piece in any area.

Tip: Choose coordinating frames for a uniform and sophisticated look or choose varying size and colour frames for eclectic and playful flare.

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When it comes to design options in children’s bedrooms, we often start by thinking of bright colours, murals, and adorable accessories. But there are design features available through furniture and organization choices that will make your child’s bedroom a great space for sleep and play, without feeling cramped and cluttered.

Today we’re looking at 3 fantastic options that will help keep any kid’s room practical and playful.

A Loft Bed

Childrens Loft Bed

A loft bed is perfect for a single-child room. The bunk bed-esque design allows for the same comfort of any single bed, with the added bonus of space for play and organization below.

Fit a toy box, shelving unit, or play mat in the space below the bed to maximize space and create a designated area for play and/or storage. Not only does this help to keep things tidy, it also makes for a “cool” space kids will love to spend time in.

Closet Organizers

Childrens Bedroom Closet

The right closet organizer can transform any storage space into something much more. The choice of drawers, hanging shelves, double hanging rods, or any combination of options will allow you to store more clothes, toys, and accessories without needing to find more closet space elsewhere in your home.

A well-organized closet can look great, even with the doors open, and helps keep your child’s room tidy, while preventing items from spilling out onto the bedroom floor.

A Desk They Can Grow With

Childrens Bedroom Desk

From a young age, a desk can be a great addition to a child’s room. Whether it’s used for arts and crafts, or homework, a great desk adds value, storage, and creates another designated and defined space in the bedroom.

Drawers are key to consider when choosing a desk, as they provide space to keep craft supplies like paper, crayons, markers and stickers organized and tidy. Shelving along the top or leg of the desk provides a great space for books as they grow, from bedtime stories to textbooks.

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of us will be hosting friends and family for get-togethers and dinners to celebrate the season.

Get your condo in the Thanksgiving spirit with these three design tips that will transform your dining and living rooms into an autumn oasis that you and your guests can enjoy.

Holiday-Scented Candles


Paradigm Thanksgiving Design Tips Candle HolderCandles can add a nice touch of natural light, a great scent, and when placed with your decor they can be that small detail that makes a big difference. Displaying your candles in a stand or holder can accent your condo design, whether you’re placing them on a side table, coffee table, or the dining room table.

Also, there are unlimited candle options that fit the autumn and Thanksgiving season. From Apple Cinnamon to Vintage Leather scents or anything in between, there is no shortage of opportunities to find a candle that fits your personality.

Fall Table Runner


Paradigm Thanksgiving Design Tips Table RunnerWhen setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner, or just to celebrate the season, a table runner can add a design splash without making a major change to your decor. Finding the right runner for the centre of your table can easily accommodate your preference for lace, rustic, or something flashier.

If you have a square table, we recommend placing your table runner in the direction that you enter the room to create illusion of length.



Paradigm Thanksgiving Design Tips CentrpieceCentrepieces also make excellent Thanksgiving table decorations. Add a centrepiece on your dining room table to welcome guests and add a touch of the holiday to your table, or place one between two candles on a coffee table to create a feature piece that adds an autumn touch to your living room, and extends your design from the dining room.

Remember that real leaves have a wonderful look, but crumble and can make quite a mess. We recommend finding synthetic leaves, berries, and other centrepiece accessories that can be packed away and used year after year in new ways when you are decorating for Thanksgiving!

From all of us at Paradigm Condominiums, we hope you enjoy the holiday!

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As summer winds down and fall approaches, take advantage of the many warm and comfortable pieces you love to update the look of your condo for the new season.

With the temperature dipping more in the evenings and at night, your space should remain as inviting and cozy as it was on those long summer days that have now passed us by.

1) Cozy Blankets

Throw Blanket Fall Design Tips

Adding a simple throw blanket to the couch or chair in your living room will add a fall/winter touch to your space. Even if you keep the heat turned up and don’t need to use it, a blanket adds a look of comfort to a room that no longer has the sunshine and natural warmth that the summer once provided.

Pick your favourite fall colour, or a colour that ties in with your year round design touches to make this accent perfect for your condo!

2) Soft Lighting

Table Lamp Fall Design Tips

If you don’t already have lamps in your bedroom or living room, this is a great time to consider adding them. Evenings that offer less natural light are an excellent opportunity to use lamp light that is softer than a bright overhead light fixture may be. Whether you want to read, watch TV, or pass the time with conversation, lamps offer the light you need while keeping the room comfortable and stylish.

If you’re looking for a more vintage look, lanterns can be a great option for you. Look for lantern bodies that can use candles as a light source, or vintage looking lamps that use LED bulbs.

3) Comfy Rugs

Floor Rug Fall Design Tips

If you have hard surface flooring, adding a rug to your rooms is a wonderful way to add warmth to your condo this fall and winter. Pick an area rug that works well with the other design elements in your room and condo, and that feels comfortable when you’re walking through your home in your bare feet.

Like throw blankets, an area rug doesn’t have to be a year round design feature in your condo. Roll and wrap your rug in plastic during the spring and summer, and store it away until you need it again.




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With summer winding down it will soon be time to pack up your summer wardrobe and bedding so you can change over to your cozy fall and winter options. However, if you don’t have a lot of storage room in your condo, that can be a daunting task.

Have a look at these five condo storage solutions and start planning where you will stash the items you don’t need for the next few months.

Under Bed Storage Containers

Condo Storage Options Under Bed Storage

If your bed has space under it, this is a great place for storage. This often overlooked space is perfect for low-profile storage containers that can hold clothes, bedding, and more.

There are many container options available, so you’re not limited to clear plastic if you want something more stylish.

Vacuum Bags

Condo Storage Options Vaccuum Bags

These bags are a fantastic solution for storing clothes in the off-season. By packing items in and sucking the air out, you are creating a small, compact package that you can store in a closet, under your bed, or in a storage locker.

Use multiple vacuum bags to sort your stored clothing so that you can easily unpack them in the spring.

Containers for the Closet

Condo Storage Options Closet Containers

If you have room in your bedroom closet or another closet in your condo, you can take advantage of stackable storage containers to keep your out-of-season pieces tucked away until you need them again.

Tip: In this case, clear containers might be best, so you can see easily locate your items if needed.

Storage Benches

Condo Storage Options Hollow Bench

We’ve talked about benches and stools before as storage options, and this is another opportunity to use them. If you have blankets in the living room that you don’t need in the summer, you can store them in a bench.

And if you have room for a bench or stool in the bedroom you can also take advantage of a bench to store smaller pieces that you want to keep out of sight until needed.

Storage Locker

Condo Storage Options Storage Locker

Don’t forget about your storage locker. If your condo comes with a storage unit, take advantage of that space. This is an example that lends itself well to sturdy plastic containers that you can pack full of out of season items and stack as high as your space will allow.

Tip: Keep a list of what is in your storage locker so you can easily and quickly identify items that you already own rather than forgetting and buying a second version of something you already have.

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Displaying photos and art on the walls of your home is a great way to incorporate your personal style and showcase your favourite memories and collected pieces, but you don’t have to follow traditional rules when it comes to hanging.

Today we look at some creative grouping options to consider when hanging your frames that can create a more artistic look, and inject a bit of personality into your condo.

1. Single Frame Focal Point

Photo Hanging Design Tips Large Frame

The most standard option is the single frame hanging as a focal point. Bonus design points for installing a light above the piece, for emphasis.

This example doesn’t show a frame, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use one in this format. Pick a frame that fits not just your art, but your space.

2. Grid Design

Photo Hanging Design Tips Grid

The grid design works in a single row, or multiple rows. This example shows four equally sized frames spaced alike and hung level on the wall. An alternate option could see two or three rows of smaller frames, for a multi-level grid.

For an interesting spin on this design choice, slice one large photo into equal pieces and hang them in the smaller frames.

3. Asymetrical Collage

Photo Hanging Design Tips Asymetrical Collage

This collage design is a little less balanced and a little more unexpected. Choose different sized and coloured frames or, for a more cohesive grouping, pair different sized frames of the same, or similar colour.

Focus on finding frames that you love and play with your layout on the floor until you find one that you love.

4. Stacked Cluster

Photo Hanging Design Tips Stacked Cluster

Like the Asymmetrical Collage, the Stacked Cluster gives you the opportunity to mix and match frame sizes to showcase the art and photos you love, without taking up a large amount of wall space. To achieve the stacked option, select similar frames with flat edges that can be aligned directly against each other.

This option is great for smaller rooms with little wall space.

5. Get Creative

Photo Hanging Design Tips Get Creative

For a completely outside the box grouping, create your own frames from other materials, such as reclaimed wood or metal. Just be sure to measure and fit your frame to the standard print sizes of your photos.

Big or small, you can show off your DIY skills and impress your guests!

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and should be a place of comfort you can live in, not just sleep in. Give your room a boost with these simple design ideas anyone can implement. Whether you choose a brilliant light fixture, a new bedspread or a vintage dresser is up to you!

Create Drama with Lighting

Bedroom Design Tip Light Fixture HGTVA gorgeous overhead light fixture can create a focal point and transform the overall look of your bedroom with just one change. Choose a fixture that fits your personality and personal style, as well as the accent pieces in your room.

As an added bonus, you can brighten your room and make it more comfortable for reading, lounging and enjoying the space.

Be Bold with Bedding

A bold print on your bedspread can give your room a splash of colour and design without making big changes to paint colours or flooring options. It is also an interchangeable design piece that you can alternate with the seasons or whenever the mood strikes.

Tip: Look for colours and patterns that match or pair with other design elements in your bedroom to tie your entire design together.

Add a Chair for Function & Flair

Bedroom Design Tip Chair for FlairYour bedroom should be a place of relaxation and style. And while your bed should always be comfortable, a great chair in the corner gives your bedroom a more functional living space with some character.

While a classic vintage wooden chair may look great, we recommend an upholstered chair with a statement pattern or colour that contributes to the design or theme you are trying to achieve.

Light it up with Lamps

A dimly lit room is nobody’s friend. Find great lamps for your bedside tables, dresser, or desk to brighten the room and add a little flair. Find vase shaped pieces for an elegant look, or choose bold patterns on lampshades to show off more vibrant personality and style.

Like your bedspread, lamps and shades are a great opportunity to bring together your room with colour and pattern pairing.

Vintage Furniture Focal Point

Bedroom Design Tip Vintage Furniture HGTVVintage furniture is a fantastic addition to your bedroom. Whether you find a side table or dresser, you can create a unique and visually appealing focal point for the room. Leave it as is, or refurbish it with a new paint job, whichever best suits your personal style.

Keep your eyes peeled at antique shops, yard sales, and estate sales. You never know when the perfect piece for your room will be right in front of you.