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Starting in fall 2017, Ontario condo owners will have new rights and easier access to information.

Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services made the announcement in July of this year that they were moving forward with plans to better protect condo owners and residents by increasing consumer protections in Ontario’s condo communities.

The new law changes include:

- Regular mandatory updates about the condo corporation to help improve communication between condo boards and condo owners.

- Improving condo corporation governance and addressing conflicts of interest by introducing new disclosure requirements for directors, including whether they are not owners or occupiers of units in the condo or if they have interests in contracts involving the corporation.

- Mandatory training for condo directors to improve how condos are managed and operated.

- Clearer rules to make it easier for condo owners to access records of their condo corporation.

- New notices, quorum and voting rules to make it easier for owners to participate in owners’ meetings.

- Mandatory education requirements for condo managers applying for a general licence.

“Addressing the growing needs of condo communities across the province and supporting long-term sustainability of condo living is key to our government’s mandate. Creating new consumer protections will help to build more sustainable condo communities so residents moving into condos today and in the future will be able to look forward to healthy condo communities and peace of mind in the place they call home.” – Tracy MacCharles, Minister of Government and Consumer Services

With more Ontarians living in condominiums than ever before (1.6 million), and nearly three times as many condo units now than in 2001 (750,000 vs. 270,000), the importance of these updated regulations is clear.

By giving condo owners easier access to more information, and ensuring that condo corporations, boards, and managers are held to higher standards of operations, condo owners will be able to concentrate more on building communities and living happier lives, than worrying about what is going on behind closed doors.

To learn more about these changes and read them in full detail, visit:

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When it comes to interior finishes, the Paradigm Design Team has carefully selected a collection of great quality materials that are stylish and durable. When it comes to the longevity and integrity of those interior finishes, DIY cleaning solutions are often the best as most store bought products contain chemicals that could compromise materials over time. Check out our list of DIY cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly, cost effective and super easy to make!

Caesarstone Noble Grey  - Charcoal III Package

Caesarstone Noble Grey – Charcoal III Package




1) Polished Quartz Countertops

The beauty of natural stone with the durability of a man-made product – it doesn’t get much better than quartz!

• Non-porous (no resealing required & won’t collect bacteria)
• Stain resistant
• Heat resistant
• Easy to clean

DIY Cleaner
• 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
• 3/4 cup water
• 3 squirts of dish soap
• 10 drops of essential oils, if you please
Shake, spray, wait and wipe – disinfects, doesn’t harm the stone, and smells good too!

Shaw Uptown Michigan Ave - Charcoal II Package

Shaw Uptown Michigan Ave – Charcoal II Package




2) Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

The visual effect and warmth of hardwood but much easier to maintain – vinyl plank flooring is the new go-to flooring material!

• Withstands heavy foot traffic
• Comfortable and warm on the feet
• Reduces noise
• Scratch resistant & ultra durable
• Easy to clean (most spills can be cleaned up with water!)

DIY Cleaner
Once a week:
Vacuum & Mop with cleaning solution:
• 1 cup apple cider vinegar
• 1 gallon hot water
• For extra cleaning power add a few drops of dish soap to the solution

Centura Campo Strand – Espresso II Package

Centura Campo Strand – Espresso II Package




3) Sleek Porcelain Tile

Large format textural porcelain tile creates a beautiful spa-like feeling in bathroom applications!

• Durable & tough
• Water resistant
• Stain & scratch resistant
• Low maintenance & easy to clean
• No polishing, waxing or sealing required

DIY Cleaner
• ¼ White Vinegar
• 2 gallons of water
Grout Cleaning Solution:
• ½ cup baking soda
• ¼ cup vinegar
Mix and apply with toothbrush. Leave for 5 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

KitchenCraft Thermofoil Textured Shale  – Paradigm Package

KitchenCraft Thermofoil Textured Shale – Paradigm Package




4) Trendsetting Thermofoil Cabinets

Versatile, textural, sleek & trend-setting, thermofoil cabinetry is a stylish alternative to real wood!

• Ultra smooth finish
• Chip resistant
• Stain resistant
• Low maintenance (no protective coatings required)
• Easily wiped down

DIY Cleaner
• Water
• Non-detergent soap

ASH III Package

ASH III Package




5) All-Purpose Recipe

For all other surfaces, a simple all-purpose cleaner will do the trick!

DIY Cleaner
All-purpose recipe (safe for any surface):
• 100 parts water
• 1 part white vinegar
• 10 drops of essential oil (i.e. tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint)

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The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and it is officially time to green up your balcony space! Choosing the right outdoor plants can be tough. It is best to consider the direction your balcony faces and the amount of exposure to sunlight. Below is our recommendation on the best choices for you!

North Facing Balcony

With minimal direct sun exposure, two hours a day maximum, it is great to select plants that prefer a shadier surrounding. Hostas are easily planted into pots and have beautiful lush foliage. This is a great option if you are looking for a full & tropical look. Hostas planted in pots require more frequent watering than those planted in the ground.

Outdoor Planters 101 North Facing Balcony

East Facing Balcony

East facing balconies receive beautiful morning to mid-afternoon sun exposure. The best plant options would be those labeled full sun to part shade like lush hydrangeas. With a wide selection of colours from muted to vibrant hues, hydrangeas are a great addition to any East-Facing balcony space.

Hydrangeas are popular ornamental plants as a decoration of street

South Facing Balcony

With ample sunshine & warmth this is the ideal balcony location for tropical sun-loving plants. Lantana, with its colorful blooms and lush leaves are a great option to add vibrancy to any South-Facing balcony space. Lantanas love the warmth and do not require overwatering. They come in various hues ranging from yellow to pink.

Outdoor Planters 101 South Facing Balcony

West Facing Balcony

With maximum sun exposure ranging from 6-8 hours, you want to stay away from shade loving plants. Succulents are an excellent choice for sun drenched balconies and require very minimal watering. They come in a wide selection of varieties that will add interest & beauty to your balcony space.

Succulent plant is growing in rusty metal can, Houseleek plant


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Spring has officially sprung and there is no better time to organize and declutter your home! Here are our tips to organize every space in your condo with stylish storage solutions!


Food storage. Food ingredients in glass jars, on white background.It’s time to empty out those kitchen cabinets and toss the expired goodies that have been hiding at the back for months. Canisters are a great way to properly store cereals, grains, spices and more. They are even stylish enough to double as an accent piece on your kitchen counter!

Living Room

Paradigm Stylish Storage Living RoomThe pile of cozy cushions and throws that warmed you up through the Winter months can officially retire until the dreaded cold weather returns. Lack of closet space? No problem! An ottoman with hidden storage is the perfect solution to hide them away and doubles as additional seating for your summer entertaining.


New design light bedroom with large bed, window and side tableDitch the headboard and opt for a stylish and functional option for your bedroom focal wall. Shelving above the bed is the perfect way to store and organize books and storage boxes. Add in some personal touches like picture frames and décor objects and you have a unique backdrop for your sleeping quarters.


Wicker Basket with Folded Towels Isolated on White Background.Never underestimate the power of a basket! Storage baskets are a great way to display towels, magazines or toilet paper for easy access in your bathroom. They can also be used to organize your vanity cabinet with cleaning products, toiletries, hair tools and makeup.


Paradigm Stylish Storage ClosetIt’s time to say goodbye to a messy closet! Adding closet storage solutions is a great way to maximize space and keep everything in its proper place. Add a bookshelf with storage baskets to organize your smaller items and double up on rods to ensure you don’t lose any hanging space.


Paradigm Stylish Storage LockerWinter jackets, boots, hats and gloves can officially be packed away during the warmer months. These bulky items require ample storage space. This a perfect opportunity to make use of your storage locker. Make the best use of the additional storage space with large plastic containers and crates. Take your organization skills up a notch by colour coding your storage containers.

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Spring is in the air – it is time for cleaning, organizing and most importantly decorating! We have compiled our ‘Must Have’ list of Spring accent pieces to instantly spruce up your interior space.


Woven accents give a natural handmade appeal to a space. This boho inspired Spring trend is warm, simplistic and adds unique texture. Items to consider to incorporate this trend are area rugs, accent chairs and storage baskets.

Shop The Look: Ikea Jassa Rug – $89.99

Ikea Jassa-Rug-Paradigm Condos Spring Decor 2017


Potted greenery adds instant life and freshness to a space. Consider a minimalistic base like a cement pot so the organic energy of the plants pop. A faux plant adds the same appeal without the maintenance.

Shop The Look: Crate & Barrel Potted Plants – $229-$249

Craate and Barrel Potted Plants Paradigm Condos Spring Decor 2017


The marble trend continues but consider incorporating this natural surface in unexpected ways. Marble décor accents are a great way to add a luxe feel on a budget. Wall accents, table-top décor and serving platters are all great options for adding the marble effect.

Shop The Look: Chapter/Indigo White Marble Clock – $49.50

Indigo White Marble Clock Paradigm Condos Spring Decor 2017


Looking for a vibrant accent for your interior? Think watercolors for a playful addition to your space. Not only does it add a pop of colour, it provides beautiful texture that will instantly spruce up any décor scheme. Toss cushions and artwork are a great way to start introducing watercolours to your space.

Shop The Look: Urban Barn Radley Toss –$39.00

Urban Barn Radley Toss Paradigm Condos Spring Decor 2017


Pastels and Spring go hand in hand. A few accent pieces in varying pastel hues will brighten up any space with Spring inspired flare. Vases and décor objects, towels and bedding – the pastel options are endless!

Shop The Look: Structube Triyo Ceramic Vase – $25.00

Structube Triyo Ceramic Vase Paradigm Condos Spring Decor 2017

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The Holiday Season is officially upon us! Creating a beautifully festive condo interior can be easily achieved using our list of tips. Heat up the hot chocolate and get ready to decorate!

Select A Scheme

paradigm-condos-holiday-design-canadian-tire-berry-pink-ornamentsStep one is selecting a colour palette and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Choose bulbs, accents and decorative items in the same colour in varying hues to create a subtle layering effect.

Shop The Look: Canadian Tire Holiday Collections Brights Berry Pink Ornaments – Assorted Sets $3.49

Mix In Metallics

paradigm-condos-holiday-design-bouclair-assorted-deco-treesAdd in mixed metallics for a bit of shine and sparkle. Glitter, gold, silver, and bronze are all great metallic neutrals that will enhance any colour palette.

Shop The Look: Bouclair Assorted Deco Trees – Starting at $7.99

Warm Up With Wood

paradigm-condos-holiday-design-indigo-led-starburst-outdoor-lightWood accents are a great way to add warmth to your festive decor. This neutral element helps to give your condo space a sense of coziness.

Shop The Look: Chapters/Indigo Birch LED Starburst Lights – $39.55

Cozy Up With Cushions & Throws

paradigm-condos-holiday-design-bouclair-christmas-cushions-and-throwsAdd instant comfort with a selection of festive decorative pillows and a faux fur throw. There is nothing better than snuggling up indoors while watching the snow fall. Put on a Holiday movie, heat up the hot chocolate and cozy up!

Shop The Look: Bouclair Christmas Cushions & Throws – Starting at $24.99

Add Some Twinkle With A Tree

paradigm-condos-holiday-design-canadian-tire-bromley-fir-potted-christmas-treeWith plenty of sizes and styles to choose from, it is easy to incorporate a tree into any size living space. Consider a pre-lit potted tree for easy set up without sacrificing festive flair. Decorate with a few bulbs, pine cones and accents and you have a beautiful focal point in your condo space.

Shop The Look: Canadian Tire Canvas Pre-Lit Bromley Fir Potter Christmas Tree – $239.00

Herbs View More

Plants are a great décor element that add life to a space with the added benefit of air purification. Below is our list of great plant options to incorporate into your condo space!

Snake PlantsPotted Snake Plant

This vibrant two toned plant is more than just an eye catcher – it helps purify the air by removing toxins. Not to mention it requires very little maintenance which is great for anybody with a busy schedule. This is the perfect addition to any condo space.

TIP: The lush fullness of snake plants pair well with minimalistic pots with clean lines. A contemporary look that will suit any room of your condo!

SucculentsSucculent Garden

All the rage, these structured plants are like potted art displays. The best part is, they require next to no maintenance and add a unique décor element to any surface of your condo space.

TIP: The distinct lines of these plants pair well with geometric shaped vessels.

Peace LiliesPeace Lily

Full and tropical, this beautiful plant helps purify the air and looks good while doing it. Peace lilies require very little natural light, which makes it ideal for any condo space. If the leaves are beginning to wilt, simply add a bit of water and it will be back to its lush self in no time.

TIP: This plant, with its dark green leaves and bright white buds is an eye catcher. It’s paired best with a minimalistic, one tone pot.

OrchidsOrchid Flower

If it’s a pop of colour you desire, orchids are the answer. This plant requires a bit more maintenance but the vibrancy it will add to your condo space is worth it! Try adding multiple orchids to a larger pot for a grand addition to any table surface.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to pair these vibrant plants with an equally vibrant pot. This will add an instant eyecatching element to any room of your condo!


If you love to cook, potted herbs are a great way to add greenery to a space while adding flavor to your favourite dishes. Herbs require a good amount of sunlight so they are best placed near a window or patio door.

TIP: Create a mini garden arrangement by planting different herbs in similar pots.

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Fall has officially arrived and with it comes cozy nights in and festive entertaining. Embrace the season and add our list of Fall Must-Haves to your condo space for instant style.

Toast In Style

fall-must-haves-gold-feather-low-ball-glassesWith the arrival of the cooler months, it’s time for some indoor entertaining. Gold rimmed glassware is all the rage this season. The antique look has been completely reinvented and is the most stylish way to cheers, sip and enjoy!

Shop The Look: Chapters Indigo Gold Feather Low Ball Glasses – Set of Four $39.95

Cozy Up In Style

fall-must-haves-distinctly-home-reversible-throw-blanketIt is no secret that plaid is quintessential to the cooler seasons. Bring the fashion trend to your interior space with a luxury throw. Not only does a plaid throw look great draped over your sofa, it is the perfect addition for snuggling up on a cozy night in.

Shop The Look: Hudson Bay Distinctly Home Reversible Throw Blanket – $99.00

Serve It In Style

fall-must-haves-acacia-wood-serverFood is art no matter what the season. Take your entertainment serve ware up a notch this fall with acacia wood platters. Wood accents add instant warmth to a space. These multi-use pieces can be displayed on table tops with decorative candles and act as the perfect surface for an elegant and festive display of cheeses, charcuterie or canapes.

Shop The Look: Crate & Barrel Acacia Wood Server – $39.95

Rest In Style

fall-must-haves-mongolian-toss-cushion-in-grey-ombreChic and cozy, Mongolian fur instantly elevates your bedroom or living space with fall festive flair. Resting your head has never been more stylish. Available in a variety of colours to accent any condo space, this toss pillow is a must have this season!

Shop The Look: Urban Barn Mongolian Toss Cushion in Grey Ombre – $99.00

fall-must-haves-wood-and-metal-lanternSet The Mood In Style

Ambient lighting is a must during the cooler months – whether it’s a cozy night in or gathering with friends. The perfect addition to any surface are decorative lanterns with festive scented candles. These stylish and on trend pieces add visual warmth to a space and set the mood for any affair.

Shop The Look: Bouclair Wood & Metal Lantern – $59.99

Warm It Up In Style

fall-must-haves-shag-plush-area-rugA plush shag rug is the ultimate luxury during the cold months. Visually it warms the overall look of your condo space and physically it warms your toes on those chilly nights. Don’t be afraid of bold prints and patterns for elevated style.

Shop The Look: Shag Plush Area Rug by nuLOOM – $465.00 (8’x10′)

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With summer vacation coming to a close, its time to get back to the books and back into work mode. Get work done in the comfort of your condo and get it done in style with our list of condo office space essentials.


The days of boring office furniture are long gone. Consider a desk that serves the purpose of work surface, as well as enhances the look of your condo space. Reclaimed wood, high gloss lacquer, or a one of a kind vintage piece are all great options for your condo office desk.

Paradigm Condo Office Design Above The Surface


Skip the artwork and go for an interesting display of office essentials. Think architectural shelving with a display of stacked books and closed canisters to house supplies. The look achieved creates organization and visual interest to an  otherwise cluttered area.

Paradigm Condo Office Design Work Is Art


Need extra storage? Get creative with painted wooden crates. Stack them under your desk space for a unique look that can be used to store books, supplies or decorative items. This one of a kind look is a great addition to your condo space.

Paradigm Condo Office Design Think Inside The Box


To complete your condo office space, choose an accent colour. Buy supplies and accents in your coordinating colour to jazz up your work surface.

Designer Tip: Work doesn’t have to be boring. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Paradigm Condo Office Design Pick An Accent

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Picking furnishings and décor for your condo space can be challenging and it all begins with selecting a colour palette. The Paradigm Design Team have compiled a list of neutral palettes schemes that are classic, chic & livable. Here is the inside scoop to creating interior spaces that range from cozy and calming to bold and metropolitan with no use of colour!


Furnishings and accents with clean lines in black and white tones is modern and bold. There is a sense of chic city living -the perfect ambiance to gather with friends.

Furnishing Tip: Consider incorporating wall hanging cabinets and shelving for extra storage space and for interesting visual appeal.

Paradigm Neutral Palettes Alluringly Achromatic


There is a sense of warmth and serenity in soft neutral living spaces. Layering textures add dimension and depth while wood accents add an earthy appeal. The overall look achieved is cozy, calm and serene.

Furnishing Tip: A glass coffee table is the perfect addition to your living room space as it doesn’t take up visual space and it can be incorporated into any design style.

Paradigm Neutral Palettes Naturally Neutral


Varying wood tones mixed with light airy fabrics and nature expired textures creates an earthy and zen inspired space. The look achieved is bright, energetic and cozy all at the same time. The ideal space to pull out your yoga mat or relax with a book.

Furnishing Tip: Consider large textured vases with potted greens to finish off the spaces. The foliage help achieve the earthy allure and enhance the air quality.

Paradigm Neutral Palettes Elegantly Earthy


A trend that is here to stay is classic grey. With many hues to choose from, the look is best executed by layering light through dark tones. Consider soft furnishings and accents with subtle texture to add warmth to the cool space. The look achieved is hip, chic and metropolitan.

Furnishing Tip: A sectional sofa works well in condo suites as it provides additional seating without taking up additional space.

Paradigm Neutral Palettes Gradually Grey