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Outdoor Planters 101

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and it is officially time to green up your balcony space! Choosing the right outdoor plants can be tough. It is best to consider the direction your balcony faces and the amount of exposure to sunlight. Below is our recommendation on the best choices for you!

North Facing Balcony

With minimal direct sun exposure, two hours a day maximum, it is great to select plants that prefer a shadier surrounding. Hostas are easily planted into pots and have beautiful lush foliage. This is a great option if you are looking for a full & tropical look. Hostas planted in pots require more frequent watering than those planted in the ground.

Outdoor Planters 101 North Facing Balcony

East Facing Balcony

East facing balconies receive beautiful morning to mid-afternoon sun exposure. The best plant options would be those labeled full sun to part shade like lush hydrangeas. With a wide selection of colours from muted to vibrant hues, hydrangeas are a great addition to any East-Facing balcony space.

Hydrangeas are popular ornamental plants as a decoration of street

South Facing Balcony

With ample sunshine & warmth this is the ideal balcony location for tropical sun-loving plants. Lantana, with its colorful blooms and lush leaves are a great option to add vibrancy to any South-Facing balcony space. Lantanas love the warmth and do not require overwatering. They come in various hues ranging from yellow to pink.

Outdoor Planters 101 South Facing Balcony

West Facing Balcony

With maximum sun exposure ranging from 6-8 hours, you want to stay away from shade loving plants. Succulents are an excellent choice for sun drenched balconies and require very minimal watering. They come in a wide selection of varieties that will add interest & beauty to your balcony space.

Succulent plant is growing in rusty metal can, Houseleek plant