The Best Indoor Plants for Condo Living

Plants are a great décor element that add life to a space with the added benefit of air purification. Below is our list of great plant options to incorporate into your condo space!

Snake PlantsPotted Snake Plant

This vibrant two toned plant is more than just an eye catcher – it helps purify the air by removing toxins. Not to mention it requires very little maintenance which is great for anybody with a busy schedule. This is the perfect addition to any condo space.

TIP: The lush fullness of snake plants pair well with minimalistic pots with clean lines. A contemporary look that will suit any room of your condo!

SucculentsSucculent Garden

All the rage, these structured plants are like potted art displays. The best part is, they require next to no maintenance and add a unique décor element to any surface of your condo space.

TIP: The distinct lines of these plants pair well with geometric shaped vessels.

Peace LiliesPeace Lily

Full and tropical, this beautiful plant helps purify the air and looks good while doing it. Peace lilies require very little natural light, which makes it ideal for any condo space. If the leaves are beginning to wilt, simply add a bit of water and it will be back to its lush self in no time.

TIP: This plant, with its dark green leaves and bright white buds is an eye catcher. It’s paired best with a minimalistic, one tone pot.

OrchidsOrchid Flower

If it’s a pop of colour you desire, orchids are the answer. This plant requires a bit more maintenance but the vibrancy it will add to your condo space is worth it! Try adding multiple orchids to a larger pot for a grand addition to any table surface.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to pair these vibrant plants with an equally vibrant pot. This will add an instant eyecatching element to any room of your condo!


If you love to cook, potted herbs are a great way to add greenery to a space while adding flavor to your favourite dishes. Herbs require a good amount of sunlight so they are best placed near a window or patio door.

TIP: Create a mini garden arrangement by planting different herbs in similar pots.