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Neutral Palette Living Spaces

Picking furnishings and décor for your condo space can be challenging and it all begins with selecting a colour palette. The Paradigm Design Team have compiled a list of neutral palettes schemes that are classic, chic & livable. Here is the inside scoop to creating interior spaces that range from cozy and calming to bold and metropolitan with no use of colour!


Furnishings and accents with clean lines in black and white tones is modern and bold. There is a sense of chic city living -the perfect ambiance to gather with friends.

Furnishing Tip: Consider incorporating wall hanging cabinets and shelving for extra storage space and for interesting visual appeal.

Paradigm Neutral Palettes Alluringly Achromatic


There is a sense of warmth and serenity in soft neutral living spaces. Layering textures add dimension and depth while wood accents add an earthy appeal. The overall look achieved is cozy, calm and serene.

Furnishing Tip: A glass coffee table is the perfect addition to your living room space as it doesn’t take up visual space and it can be incorporated into any design style.

Paradigm Neutral Palettes Naturally Neutral


Varying wood tones mixed with light airy fabrics and nature expired textures creates an earthy and zen inspired space. The look achieved is bright, energetic and cozy all at the same time. The ideal space to pull out your yoga mat or relax with a book.

Furnishing Tip: Consider large textured vases with potted greens to finish off the spaces. The foliage help achieve the earthy allure and enhance the air quality.

Paradigm Neutral Palettes Elegantly Earthy


A trend that is here to stay is classic grey. With many hues to choose from, the look is best executed by layering light through dark tones. Consider soft furnishings and accents with subtle texture to add warmth to the cool space. The look achieved is hip, chic and metropolitan.

Furnishing Tip: A sectional sofa works well in condo suites as it provides additional seating without taking up additional space.

Paradigm Neutral Palettes Gradually Grey