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The Art of Focal Walls

You’ve moved into your new condo, your furniture is assembled, you’ve added some decorative items but your condo walls are still in need of some TLC. Below are four easy ways to create interest and add character to a small space with the “Art of Focal Walls”.

The Art of Focal Walls Colour PopCOLOUR POP

Add a pop of colour to your condo walls and engage the eye with a painted focal wall. Warm colours pull the eye towards the wall, creating an intimate and cozy space. Cool colours push the walls away from the eye, making a smaller room appear larger and longer.

Tip: Coordinate with small accent pieces in the same hue throughout the space to create unity.

The Art of Focal Walls WallpaperPAPER MATE

Introduce pattern and texture to a space with wallpaper. Options are endless – minimalistic and sleek or bold and geometric. Whichever direction you choose, this addition is sure to engage the eye and add character to your condo design.

Tip: To finish the look, replicate pattern, texture and shapes from the wallpaper in fabric and soft furnishings throughout the space.

Modern-Bookcase-Furniture-Photo-motiqonlineOUT ON DISPLAY

Bookcases are a great storage solution and an eye catching way to display accent pieces, art work and keepsakes in your condo. Place bookcases side by side to fill the length of a wall or place on either side of your television for enhanced visual appeal.

Tip: When placing items on your bookcase, organize vignettes of coordinating pieces and stagger heights and sizes.

The Art of Focal Walls Personalized GalleryPERSONALIZED GALLERY

Collect old travel photographs or vibrant art prints and create a gallery vignette to bring life to once blank condo walls. Whether it be an entry hall, a dining area, a bedroom or the living room – this technique is a simple way to create a statement focal piece in any area.

Tip: Choose coordinating frames for a uniform and sophisticated look or choose varying size and colour frames for eclectic and playful flare.