Children's Room Design Tips

3 Space-Saving Tips for Condo-Friendly Kids’ Rooms

When it comes to design options in children’s bedrooms, we often start by thinking of bright colours, murals, and adorable accessories. But there are design features available through furniture and organization choices that will make your child’s bedroom a great space for sleep and play, without feeling cramped and cluttered.

Today we’re looking at 3 fantastic options that will help keep any kid’s room practical and playful.

A Loft Bed

Childrens Loft Bed

A loft bed is perfect for a single-child room. The bunk bed-esque design allows for the same comfort of any single bed, with the added bonus of space for play and organization below.

Fit a toy box, shelving unit, or play mat in the space below the bed to maximize space and create a designated area for play and/or storage. Not only does this help to keep things tidy, it also makes for a “cool” space kids will love to spend time in.

Closet Organizers

Childrens Bedroom Closet

The right closet organizer can transform any storage space into something much more. The choice of drawers, hanging shelves, double hanging rods, or any combination of options will allow you to store more clothes, toys, and accessories without needing to find more closet space elsewhere in your home.

A well-organized closet can look great, even with the doors open, and helps keep your child’s room tidy, while preventing items from spilling out onto the bedroom floor.

A Desk They Can Grow With

Childrens Bedroom Desk

From a young age, a desk can be a great addition to a child’s room. Whether it’s used for arts and crafts, or homework, a great desk adds value, storage, and creates another designated and defined space in the bedroom.

Drawers are key to consider when choosing a desk, as they provide space to keep craft supplies like paper, crayons, markers and stickers organized and tidy. Shelving along the top or leg of the desk provides a great space for books as they grow, from bedtime stories to textbooks.