Fall Condo Design Tips Feature

Fall Design Tips for Condo Living Rooms

As summer winds down and fall approaches, take advantage of the many warm and comfortable pieces you love to update the look of your condo for the new season.

With the temperature dipping more in the evenings and at night, your space should remain as inviting and cozy as it was on those long summer days that have now passed us by.

1) Cozy Blankets

Throw Blanket Fall Design Tips

Adding a simple throw blanket to the couch or chair in your living room will add a fall/winter touch to your space. Even if you keep the heat turned up and don’t need to use it, a blanket adds a look of comfort to a room that no longer has the sunshine and natural warmth that the summer once provided.

Pick your favourite fall colour, or a colour that ties in with your year round design touches to make this accent perfect for your condo!

2) Soft Lighting

Table Lamp Fall Design Tips

If you don’t already have lamps in your bedroom or living room, this is a great time to consider adding them. Evenings that offer less natural light are an excellent opportunity to use lamp light that is softer than a bright overhead light fixture may be. Whether you want to read, watch TV, or pass the time with conversation, lamps offer the light you need while keeping the room comfortable and stylish.

If you’re looking for a more vintage look, lanterns can be a great option for you. Look for lantern bodies that can use candles as a light source, or vintage looking lamps that use LED bulbs.

3) Comfy Rugs

Floor Rug Fall Design Tips

If you have hard surface flooring, adding a rug to your rooms is a wonderful way to add warmth to your condo this fall and winter. Pick an area rug that works well with the other design elements in your room and condo, and that feels comfortable when you’re walking through your home in your bare feet.

Like throw blankets, an area rug doesn’t have to be a year round design feature in your condo. Roll and wrap your rug in plastic during the spring and summer, and store it away until you need it again.