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5 Simple Condo Kitchen Design Tips

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it makes sense that you’d want it to be stylish and reflective of your personal style. Today we’re happy to share 5 simple tips that you can use to give a creative boost to your kitchen without a lot of time, or money.

If you’re feeling like your kitchen is a little bland, these tips might just be perfect for you.

1. Add a Pattern

photo via
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Bring some life to your kitchen with a patterned floor mat or curtains. Without overpowering the room, you’ll have injected character, vibrancy and a sense of unique style that sets your kitchen apart.

2. Hide Extra Storage

We all know there never seems to be enough storage in the kitchen, no matter how big it is. Give yourself some extra space by using a stylish bench with a flip-up seat. Store seldom used dishes and small appliances like your fondue pots, serving platters, and punch bowl without robbing yourself of storage space used for everyday items. Choose a coloured piece to add some flair to your kitchen.

3. Make Storage Look Good

photo via Better Homes & Gardens
photo via Better Homes & Gardens

Instead of hiding all of your fancy dishes and canisters away in a cupboard, put them on display with open concept storage like this metal shelf rack or a repurposed book shelf. You’ll be making the best use of your wall space and saving that valuable cupboard space.

4. Show off Your Accessories

Dish towels, toasters, coffee makers and other visible items may sometimes be after-thoughts. But if you take the time to purchase pieces that complement your design scheme and are pleasant to look at, you’ll find yourself with a more beautiful kitchen without heavy design effort.

5. Add a Splash of Colour with Your Furniture

Kitchen Design Tips Red Breakfast Chairs ExpressFurniture
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If you have the space and inclination to include a breakfast table in your kitchen, you have the opportunity to add a splash of colour with chairs like the ones pictured here. Whether you choose red or your own favourite colour is up to you. Either way you’ve once again added to the vibrancy of your kitchen without paint or extensive renovations.

If you have any great tips for kitchen design leave them in a comment on this post so everyone else can give them a try. And come back soon for more condo design tips from Paradigm.