Paradigm Organized Living Room

5 Tips to Better Organize Your Condo!

A well-organized condo can reduce stress, help you keep your life in order, and is easy to tidy when guests are on their way over.

Use these tips to organize your condo, and feel free to share any tips you may have in the comment section below!

Kitchen Rack Shelf

1. Extra Kitchen Storage!

Use an open faced shelving unit in your kitchen for extra storage and organization.

Don’t cram things into the cupboards just so they’re off the counter, instead add a shelving unit, or bookshelf, to store and display small appliances, dishware, and non-perishable ingredients like oils and vinegars.

2. Take Advantage of the Closet!

Using shoe racks, boxes on the top shelf, and proper hangers will allow you to fit more clothing and accessories in your closet.

That means you can use smaller dressers and don’t have to worry about the unsightly mess of clothes strewn about the bedroom!

Stackable Wicker Baskets3. Give Stackable Baskets a Chance!

Long gone are the days when clear plastic bins were the only option for stackable storage. Find yourself a set of wicker or wooden baskets that you can fill with whatever you need to organize (books, magazines, dvds, clothes, etc.)

4. Skirt the Table!

By skirting a table you can give yourself extra shelf space (hidden from view) for anything from board games to books.

A table skirt is also an easily updateable piece of decor, so if you want to change the look of your room, you can!

Ottoman Storage5. Find Benches and Ottomans!

You can find all kinds of stylish benches and ottomans with removable or hinged lids that make perfect small storage spaces.

In the front hallway a bench can store umbrellas as well as hats and mittens in the winter. While an ottoman in the living room is the perfect hideaway for board games, video game controllers and more.

Bonus: Keep Track of Your Things

Some people use spring cleaning as a catalyst for selling, donating, or throwing away old and unwanted things. But the truth of the matter is we could all stand to take stock of what we have and how much space it’s taking up a little more often.

Try to go through your condo twice a year and make some hard decisions about what needs to stay and what can go. You’ll be amazed at how much more organized you are when there’s less clutter.