Condo Window Garden

3 Foods You Can Grow In Your Condo Garden

You don’t need a big garden in the backyard to grow vegetables. Anyone with a little bit of space and desire can plant, grow, and eat these tasty veggies in their condo.

That includes you.

We’ve got 3 vegetable options that you can start with, including tips to get you growing.



Growing Tomatoes in CondoIt’s hard to argue the greatness of a fresh tomato sandwich. So why not grow your own fresh tomatoes at home?

● Find a spot with good sunlight, likely near your window, and place your container there. Experts recommend a 5 gallon container at minimum.
● Plant your tomato seeds and remember to keep an eye on them for watering purposes. Keep tabs on the moisture levels in the soil and water accordingly.

Green Beans

Grow Green Beans in Your CondoGreen beans are great in a variety of recipes – make sure you have some whenever you want them!

● It’s recommended that you have a container of 8 to 12 inches to grow your beans. Sow your seeds approximately 1 inch deep and 2 inches apart.
● When seedlings reach 3 inches it is recommended that you space them to 6 inches apart.
● Water lightly on a regular basis to keep soil moist and beans in prime growing conditions.

Sweet Bell Peppers

Grow Sweet Bell Peppers in Your CondoRed, green, yellow, or orange, it doesn’t matter! Sweet peppers are great for salads, pasta, and more. And you can grow them in your condo all year long.

● Soak seeds before planting them well spaced in a large container. Bury seeds approximately ¼ inch and cover. Make sure to keep the soil moist to let your seeds grow.
● Keep your pepper plants warm and well lit. A sunny window sill is a great choice, and temperatures of 21 to 27 degrees work best.
● Keep your plants watered thoroughly, allowing the top of the soil to become just barely dry before watering again.

Feature image credit: Photo by nh0k blu3/Courtesy of Flickr

  • John

    im going to tell my buyer about this 3 food plants she can grow in her 27 sqm garden area … ive been wondering what plants to grow in a garden unit.. well she has a big garden at 27 sqm its almost a studio unit too.. this unit is bigger it has 38 sqm garden many plants and vegetables can be place there